Our strategic consulting services focus on the core issues most early stage companies struggle with: raising the capital needed for accelerated growth, developing the appropriate and cost effective channels needed to sell and distribute their solutions, and polishing their corporate image.

FUNDING STRATEGIES                                                       [more]

Many early stage technology firms struggle with the challenge of raising outside capital. Faqtors will help your firm select the appropriate strategy, develop key messages, and prepare an "insanely great" presentation to greatly improve your chances of securing the capital you need to grow your business.

CHANNEL DEVELOPMENT                                                 [more]

Having a great product or service and a beautiful website is not enough. You might have built it, but will they come? Faqtors will help you select the right channels for promoting, supporting, marketing, and closing the business you need to be successful.

CORPORATE IMAGE & POSITIONING                                [more]

Even if your prospects could greatly benefit from using your product or service, only the right messages, market position, and image will cut through the noise and get their attention. Faqtors has a methodology for determining the best market position, key messages, and image your firm should select for success.